Capacity Building

Widening the Base of Information and Skills at the Village Level

The year began with intensive training on health issues, SHG norms, accounts and issues related to strengthening of women’s groups.

 a.    Arpana’s medical professionals conducted training sessions

 b.    Association for Stimulating Know-How (ASK), Delhi, also held training sessions

Village level training of self help group members is conducted according to need and is participatory and interactive, using plays, songs, games and flash cards for group discussions.

Modules for village level training were designed so that group members could participate in community based training session.

  • Workers made flash cards and songs and plays on different subjects.
  • A great deal of effort was made on maintaining records
  • Account training and skills of using calculators were conducted
  • Plays were held on pregnancy care etc.

The goal of constant reinforcement of health messages and continual training is to foster and sustain correct practices for mother child well being and community health.








        No. of sessions                      No. of Villages                       No. of Women                          Attendance              
367 100 1400 14000


No. of Villages  No. of Groups  Attendance
  80 620 48,868


Women across the target area continue to educate and mobilize young mothers to access government health centers at appropriate times for immunization and checkups. They raise awareness on prevention and management of seasonal diseases and are ready with practical help and advice as needed.

Capacity Building of Staff and Village Leaders

Community workers and village leaders were given ongoing training in 29 sessions in the topics:

  • SHG formation and strengthening
  • Preparation of training material on HIV /AIDS, water born diseases, modern methods of family planning, public distribution system,
  • Care of infants , breast feeding , Immunisation and weaning food
  • Panchayati Raj and MNREGA
  • Antenatal care from conceiving to delivery
  • SHG accounts
  • The dangers and evils of female foeticide
  • Malaria
  • Registration of new federation and its importance
  • Debriefing regarding Evaluation
  • Government welfare schemes
  • SHG software orientation
  • Depression
  • Preparation of play & training material on antenatal care
  • Emergency care
  • Group Evaluation
  • Long term planning for Federation and preparation of training module for SHG records