Arpana’s Programs at Rejoice, Vasant Vihar


Arpana’s Programs at Rejoice, Vasant Vihar


Gyan Arambh is Arpana’s educational support program carried out at Vasant Vihar, that is designed to meet the academic needs and life aspirations of the children from illiterate and vulnerable families.


The program consists of tuition support for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Hindi, conducted after normal school hours by qualified Post Graduate Teachers. Along with tuition support, computer and spoken English classes are also provided.

Most of these students go to Government schools in the vicinity where the high pupil teacher ratio has an adverse effect on learning. Many students do not get a good grounding in their school work, including older children who are barely literate.

We started with 25-30 students in 2016 and at present we have 160 students from Classes 1-9.

                Students enjoying their tuition support class


Our teachers use innovative teaching methods to teach the standard NCERT Curriculum. Children from classes 4-9 receive computer education, which they love. Primary classes also love story telling sessions using colourful picture books to stimulate their imagination.

What makes us truly unique..

                       Joyously exhibiting their artwork!

  • Low student to teacher ratio has enabled teachers to mentor students closely, in addition to teaching their subject matter.
  • “Learning by Doing” is the most practised technique used. 
  • “Do and Say” role play designed for daily classroom interactions.
  • A number of art based worksheets were undertaken.
  • Values are embedded throughout the curriculum and festivals.















Spoken English: At present, there are two Spoken English Classes for adult students, held by two volunteer teachers.

Computer Classes: Free computer classes are held daily by a qualified instructor, with 83 studentsfrom Classes 4-9. Generous donors have provided 16 computers at the Vasant Vihar Centre for computer education for disadvantaged children.

NIIT Certificate Course at Rejoice, enhances job opportunities. Although fees for this course are Rs.500 per month, scholarships are given to especially poor students

The Power of Volunteers: Some of the senior citizens from Vasant Vihar have come forward to strengthen our efforts and are generous with their time and support.

Scholarships: Mrs Mala Pal, a resident of Vasant Vihar and a senior retired diplomat who also held positions at WHO, initiated scholarship program for meritorious and enthusiastic students of our Centre.

Teachers’ Workshops

During the summer break, workshops were held for Gyan Arambh Teachers for English Reading, Dyxlexia/ Children with Disability, Evaluation, Maths Made Easy and Meditation.

These were conducted by volunteers with special expertise in their fields:

1.   Mrs. Meenakshi Mathur is the Director of Arpana’s Education in Vasant Vihar and has had 20 years experience teaching and setting up schools.

2.   Mrs. Surpreet is a Special Educator in DPS for children with learning disability, i.e. dyslexia, and the identification of such students in the class.

3.   Mrs. Mona Sharma an educationist with over 30 years with DPS and other private schools.

4.  Mrs. Shuchy Gera is a Math teacher in DPS.

5. Dr. Dheeraj Desai is a physiotherapy doctor and also teaches meditation.