Differently Abled

Differently-abled Persons Organisations (DPOs)

Towards Self-Sufficiency, Livelihood & Skills

In 2012 Arpana started working with persons with disabilities (PwDs). At present there are 1,472 persons with disabilities in Arpana’s program in 55 villages of Karnal District in Haryana. 

Arpana’s team has formed 58 village-based Differently-abled Persons Organizations (DPOs). DPOs enable Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to pool savings, build a credit resource and generate income activities for their future!

PwDs get information on government schemes and benefits in their monthly meetings. They have built up savings and have access to micro-credit loans. They have taken 1,874 loans for income-generating activities and other purposes.


The DPO meetings are changing their lives

 Arpana’s Self-Help Groups to Empower the Differently Abled

 Differently abled persons are resolving their problems through their self-help groups, called Differently abled Person Organizations (DPOs). DPOs are playing a vital role in bringing self-esteem and confidence to these marginalized persons as well as raising their levels of income through generating self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Monthly Meetings of all DPOs across Arpana’s target area were conducted in 55 villages with ten new DPOs. Now Arpana has 58 DPOs with 1,472 members.


Arpana’s Work for the Differently Abled

·Entitlements & Benefits: Arpana helps them get certificates for government programs such as pensions, medical benefits, travel expenses, etc. in 2021-22, 369 certificates were made.

·Building Volunteers’ Capacities as ‘Sahayaks’: The ‘Sahayaks’ are SHG women volunteers who are being trained to assist and walk with PwDs on the path of development. They are a vital resource in facilitating the empowerment process of PwDs.

·Assistive Devices: Tricycles, crutches, and other aids were made available for 13 differently-abled persons.

·Free Screening Camps: The PwDs were affected by many types of disability: locomotor, vision loss, hearing impairment, and autism. Mentally impaired persons came for counseling.

·Building Skills, Capacities through Training and Livelihood Workshop:Intensive Training and workshops were used to build skills for members of Differently-abled Person Organizations (DPOs).


Livelihood Avenue Opens for Santlal

Santlal had only recently recovered from a critical Kidney transplant operation, made possible by generous support from Arpana’s self-help groups, their Vikas and Unnati Federations and Arpana.

After the lifesaving operation, his frail health does not allow him to take a regular job. He is a cook and decided to start a fast food shop, but he did not have the funds. A cheque of Rs. 27,000/-was presented to him by Arpana to help him start his fast food shop.

His progress is being monitored, and it is rewarding to find that he earns between Rs.1200-2,000 on a daily basis.


Santlal with his family