Himachal Development, India

Enriching Lives in Remote Communities in Himachal


Over the past 15 years, Arpana has facilitated 120 self-help groups (SHGs) of marginal farmers and rural women, investing them with skills and information, in 100 villages scattered across towering ranges clad in pines and deodars!


Self Help Groups: A Platform for Progress

776 women in 97 self help groups assimilate good practices for:

  • Reproductive health and childcare.
  • Toilets for all, sanitation drives and waste disposal.
  •  Ensuring safe drinking water.
  •  Tree plantation, check dams, reducing litter & plastic.

450 women have their own incomes (Rs.6,000-8,000 monthly

  •   750 women have saved Rs.3,500,000
  •   50 SHGs obtained credit linkages to local banks for loans        

 60% of SHG women participated in Village Councils and:

·         Liaised with District level Officials for utilities, pensions, etc.

·         Upgraded village connectivity and infrastructure.

·         Being vigilant & active for better school conditions

225 Subsistence Farmers have a measure of economic security:

·         Liaison/training by Arpana and Agriculture Officials.

·         Incomes have increased more than 10-fold.

Training and Capacity Building for Health, Financial Literacy and Crafting Opportunities.

Monthly Health Education Classes were conducted with 2,168 children.

Farming and the Environment

Training Sessions are held for Arpana’s farmers by Agricultural Officers in Government Outreach Services.

Tree Plantations: Seven SHGs had 26,500 trees planted in their villages by the Forest Department, which they pledged to care for.



Check Dams: Several SHGs had check dams and storm water drains built to arrest soil erosion and to store water.


Farmers’ incomes increased 10-fold over the years through irrigation, better seeds, apple orchards, etc.


Supplementary income from sheep, shops, threshers, vehicles, etc. added to the income of 85 farmers.


 Exposure Visits: Farmers Producer Society members visit the   Farmers Outreach Center in Saru as well as Agricultural Colleges     in the State. They are shown new farming technologies and     methods.