Success Stories

Women Empowerment

 A strong woman indeed!



Prakashi says, “My life has changed after joining the Laxmi Self-Help Group”


Prakashi, a woman from Kutail village, said that 25 years ago, she joined Arpana's self help group. At that time, arranging a one-time meal used to be difficult in her house, but after joining, she started saving a little. then she took a loan for land on contract and started farming.


She was able to build her own house and get her 5 daughters married. Apart from her own savings, she took a loan from the group and bought her son a combine. Today the family's livelihood is very comfortable.



 Differently Abled

Raj Kumar - a resident of village Upri Narota.

Raj Kumar is a resident of village Upri Narota. He has three children, two sons and one daughter and is disabled in one leg. He is a member of the Differently-abled Persons Organization (DPOs) formed by Arpana.


Before joining the DPO, Raj Kumar used to work on contract farming and had to wait for the money for six months. After joining the DPO, he took a micro-credit loan and bought a mini combine harvester. Now his income is up to Rs. 10,000 per month in the season.

Raj Kumar says that, “Arpana is doing a lot of commendable work for the development of differently abled persons. After joining the DPO, differently abled brothers and sisters have an identity and now we get respect in society.”



Education at Molarbund

Anjali's success story!


Anjali - I was 5 years old, when I came to the Arpana Center. Teachers were very supportive and encouraged us to study.


When I was in class 12, Shakuntala ma’am asked me, “Anjali what do you want to become?”  I replied, “Ma’am I want to be an Advocate.” All the class students started laughing at me. Then ma’am said: “Anjali, I am always with you. Whenever you need anything call me.” 


I successfully cleared my class 12 Board examination with 79%. Then I passed the entrance exam for LLB in my first attempt.  During my LLB, Aggarwal ma’am always helped me morally and financially. 



I am extremely grateful to be a part of Arpana Trust.  I have cleared the All India Bar Council Examination and I am practicing as an Advocate at Saket Court, New Delhi at Chamber Number 610.




A Child for Karshit!

Karshit’s husband is a drug addict and does not do any work. They previously had had an 18-month-old daughter who died of pneumonia. After the baby’s death, her in-laws kicked her out of their house even though she was 3 months pregnant.


Thus, Karshit’s second pregnancy was in her father’s home in village Mahilpur. She had a full-term pregnancy but when she felt pain, there was no one at home, not even her father. Her neighbors brought her to Arpana Hospital.


Arpana’s gynecologist checked her on an emergency basis. A Caesarian was required which she could not afford. But she was happy to know that Arpana would subsidize her surgery. By god’s grace, she delivered a healthy baby boy by Caesarian that evening, weighing 2.79 kg.


Karshit said they came to Arpana Hospital for the first time. She was very happy and tanked the doctors and the satff for the care and treatment she has received. Her family was very grateful to Arpana and the doctors for the saving Karshit and their child.


Himachal Pradesh 

 Kavita, a resident of Jhalai village



Kavita,, is a member of one of Arpana’s self-help groups.

With a loan of Rs 10,000 from the group, she bought a sheep. She earns Rs 10,000-15,000 annually by selling the lambs of the sheep.

Along with this, Kavita farms a small piece of cultivable land on which she grows maize, barley, mustard and vegetables. She earns Rs. 35,000-40,000 annually.

She and her husband have three small children - two daughters and one son. She nurtures their family and helps support them with her livestock and farming activities.