Molarbund, New Delhi



Due to high student teacher ratio and lack of guidance, slum children really struggle to cope with all that is taught in their Government schools. By the time the child is in 4th or 5th standard, most disadvantaged children have given up trying to learn. To ensure that children of disadvantaged families are being educated, in 2002, Arpana set up a tuition support program in the Molarbund slum resettlement colonies of South Delhi.


  •  educational tuition support to students of Class I to Class XII
  •  education support to school dropouts through National Open School
  •   nursery classes for tiny tots
  •   vocational training in tailoring, beauty culture, nursery teaching
  •   computer certificate training to assist young people in the job market
  •   cultural activities for personal development


Guidance is provided for 1500 students as they struggle to understand lessons taught in Government schools, as well as coping with the challenges of living in their environment.

All 42 students passed the 12th class in 2019. 17 are attending University and 25 are taking other courses.



Meritorious 12th class girls & Arpana teachers

Parent Teacher Meetings: Parent Teacher Meetings are held to share performances of the students in Arpana’s assessment examinations with parents. Parents’ attendance is over 95%, thanks to dedicated teachers who persuade parents to participate.



  • Computer based English classes    
  •  Library programs
  •  Life Skills Sessions
  •  Cultural Activities (drama, music and theatre) 
  •  Celebrating Festivals


   Nursery Classes – Children’s Garden of Love

   351 children, 5 years and under, played and learned in  Arpana’s ‘Garden of  Love.’

   In Nursery classes, tiny tots learn language, mathematics, stories – and to play  games.


   Free nutritious meal each day combats malnutrition.

  Vocational Training classes are held in:

  • Tailoring and Craft
  • Beauty Culture Training Program
  • NIIT Computer Certificate Course 


  Scholarships are given: 

 Arpana provides 50% scholarships for higher education fee.