Himachal Health Care



Arpana Health & Diagnostic Center, Upper Bakrota, Dalhousie

The Arpana Health & Diagnostic Center is a great boon to the hill folk in the surrounding area. A free outpatient clinic is held by a qualified doctor at Arpana’s Health Centre in Upper Bakrota on a daily basis. Laboratory tests are done and about 3000 to 5000 patients are seen annually.


In 2021, Arpana’s Health Centre was also affected due to the lockdown during COVID-19, and fewer patients were able to be examined and treated at this time.


Speciality Medical Camps – a Lifeline for Hill Folk

 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Arpana was unable to hold its usual 8 to 10 free Speciality Camps for poor patients.


However, two camps– for Gynaecology and for Orthopaedics – were able to be held.


These camps were held in June and July 2021, for patients in Chamba District, battling disease and suffering, but unable to get treatment. They found relief from distress at:

1. Gynae Camp that was conducted at Satyam Hospital, Sultanpur, by Dr. Hemant Sharma, MD, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, for Below Poverty Line (BPL) patients.

2. Orthopaedic Camp that was held by Dr. Prashant Rana, Ortho Surgeon, at Rana Hospital, Sultanpur, for the very poor, during June and July 2021.


11-year-old Mustak from village Jadera, fractured the humerus bone in his upper arm

 SHG Health Program: Until 2008, there was a strong focus on community wellbeing and women and children’s health. It was a transformative community health program implemented by Arpana, achieving 99% coverage for pregnancy care and infant immunization and health care.