Himachal Health Care


Arpana Health & Diagnostic Centre, Bakrota, Dalhousie 


 A free daily outpatient clinic is held by a qualified doctor at Arpana’s Health Centre in Bakrota from March to December every year. Laboratory tests are done and about 4,000 patients are seen annually, a great boon to the hill folk in the surrounding area.

Patients come from many surrounding villages in Chamba District as well as from isolated villages in Jammu & Kashmir.


Speciality Camps – A Lifeline For Hill Folk

Free Speciality Camps, held at Arpana’s Health Care and Diagnostic Centre, allow underprivileged hill folk access to Specialists. Volunteer doctors from Delhi, Haryana, Pathankot and Chamba examine and treat hill folk – Specialists whom they would otherwise be unable to see. 8 free Specialist Camps were held in the year 2018 by the following disciplines- Eye, Gynecology, Neurosurgery & Spine, Pediatrics, Orthopedic, Gynae Surgery, Medical, Endoscopy.




Refresher Training Camps for midwives were held in the Gajnoi Centre by Arpana’s doctors in August and September, 2018. For over a decade, Arpana’s doctors had trained midwives from 40 villages as important health resources in their remote villages. This is especially important due to the difficulty of pregnant women in these isolated villages reaching a medical centre on time for childbirth. 



First-Aid Life Saving Training Program: Organized for government village health workers and Asha workers, this was held by Mr. Frank Armstrong, Divisional Training Officer, a volunteer from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.