Arpana Hospital, Haryana, India


Lighthouse of Hope & Healing


Arpana Hospital was started in 1980 for the rural folk of Haryana who had virtually no access to modern health care. The original 13-bed cottage hospital has gradually become a 100-bed modern health facility with 4 operation theatres, a well-equipped 12-bedded ICU, a Dialysis Unit, specialized clinics and daily outpatient clinics.

It provides affordable modern medical facilities to a population of over a million persons in 500 villages and towns.

No patient is turned away for not being able to pay.


Arpana Hospital Departments (April 2020 to March 2021)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, including months of Lockdown and restricted movement, the number of patients at Arpana Hospital decreased substantially. However, commitment and care to all patients remained a priority.

Arpana Hospital is empaneled for patients under both Ayushman Bharat Yojna and ESIC Program of the Central Government.

  • General Medicine: Treatments included endoscopy & colonoscopy procedures, tuberculosis protocols, thyroid disorders, typhoid, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory infection, etc.
  • Ophthalmology: There were 19,199 patients seen and 2,176 surgeries performed. Specialty Clinics were held for diabetic retinopathy, vitreo retina, paediatric ophthalmology & squint and orbit (eyelid, sac surgeries).
  • Paediatrics: Paediatric patients were treated for birth asphyxia, acute febrile illness, neo natal jaundice, acute gastroenteritis, anemia, seizure, etc.
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Patients came for pregnancy, infertility, miscarriages, menorrhagia and fibroids. Prolapse and endometriosis and were successfully treated. There were 169 operations and 294 babies delivered.
  • Surgery: 1,703 patients were examined and 117 surgeries were performed, including Laparotomy, Prostate, Hernia & Hydrocele, Hemorrhoid, Fissure & Fistula, Fibroid Uterus, Breast Lump surgery, Appendix and Laser surgery.
  • Orthopedics: 1,034 patients were examined and 32 surgeries were performed including arthroscopic mosaicplasty and arthroscopic anterior ligament reconstruction.
  • Dental Clinics: Patients were given treatment for crowns, dentures, extraction, restoration, impactions, scaling and root canal.
  • Physiotherapy: Orthopaedic, neurological and paediatric patients were treated as well as those suffering from sports injuries. Postnatal mothers and post-operative cases were also taken care of.  

  • Dialysis: 653 patients were provided treatment.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 411 patients were treated in the Intensive Care/ High Dependency Unit.
  • Endoscopy & Colonoscopy facilities were started late in 2020-21. 86 procedures were done.
  • Covid–19 Vaccination Centre: As per Government guidelines,Arpana Hospital administered the Covid-19 vaccine first to its medical staff members, then to seniors and later, to others.


Arpana Outreach

Due to Covid-19 camps could not be held in villages. Some camps were held at Arpana Hospital. These are:

  1. Surgical Camp: 35 patients suffering from chronic ailments attended this camp on 20th December 2020. Out of 35 patients, 4 were operated for Hernia, Hemorrhoids, Fissure and Cholelithiasis respectively.
  2. Endoscopy Camp: On 17th March 2021, an endoscopy camp was held at Arpana Hospital.  Of the 40 patients examined in this camp, 14 endoscopy procedures were performed.
  3. Orthopedic Camp: 51 patients were examined at Arpana Hospital on 21st and 22nd November 2020.