Arpana Hospital, Haryana, India


Arpana Hospital 

Your Health. Our Mission.

In 1980 the rural folk of Haryana had virtually no access to modern health care. Arpana Hospital was started as a 13-bed cottage hospital and has gradually become a 100-bed modern health facility.

Arpana’s aim is to provide compassionate, affordable, and high-quality healthcare that is easily accessible to rural communities. Arpana Hospital is constantly upgrading its facilities to meet the aspirations and needs of the 1.5 million people it serves. 

It provides affordable modern medical facilities to a population of over a million persons in 500 villages and towns.

We are happy to say:No patient is turned away for not being able to pay.



 Building a “Vaccine Wall” Against Covid-19:

Arpana joined the government team to build a “Vaccine Wall” against Covid in 100 villages and achieved 94% vaccinated with the 1st dose and 77% vaccinated with the 2nd dose.

 Contribution in the Second wave of Covid- 19: Due to the critical situation of patients during the second wave, Arpana Hospital operated its Covid Ward on an emergency basis during April and May 2021.


Important Facilities at Arpana Hospital

  • Dedicated OPDs with Super Specialities like Nephrology, Hematology, and Gastroenterology,
  • State-of-the-art modular OTs, HDU, ICU, SNCU
  • 24 * 7 Emergency Department with ALS, BLS ambulances, Pharmacy & Lab.
  • Dialysis, Advanced Physiotherapy & Dental Unit, Homeopathic, Acupressure Department.
  • Dedicated unit for Covid Care with separate/ In house O2 plant.

Saving Sunder Devi!

Sunder Devi, 66 years old, is a widow with 3 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom are now married. She lives in Muzzafarnagar in a joint family with her sons.

After a lifetime of smoking, Sunder Devi was suffering from a severe cough. She was treated by the village Resident Medical Practitioner but was getting worse. She had swelling in her respiratory tract and trouble breathing.

Her son brought her to Arpana Hospital with symptoms of dizziness, body aches, and breathing difficulties. The doctor admitted her to the hospital with Type 2 Respiratory.

Failure with TCP. She received nebulization and medication and other supportive treatments.

With the right treatment and care, she recovered and was discharged after fifteen days. She was happy and thankful to the doctors, nursing staff, and Arpana Hospital for the care she received.



Arpana Hospital Outreach

Self Help Group Women Volunteers are Trained as Health Animators for over 100 villages in Arpana’s target area. They refer critical patients to Arpana Hospital. They help to arrange outreach camps in villages and in Arpana Hospital for free treatment and medicines.

Arpana is now holding camp which includes:

Multi-Speciality Medical Camps at Arpana Hospital every month.

Eye Camps: Presently, 10 camps a month are being held in villages of Karnal, Gharaunda, Panipat Districts of Haryana, and Muzzafarnagar District of Uttar Pradesh. About 1200 patients are examined every month.