Arpana's Goal : To create skills and business opportunities for income generation for women from marginalised communities.
Arpana TrustArpana Trust
Arpana Trust
Women learn the art of embroidery on fine linen in Haryana villages
Socio Economic Welfare

In the past 30 years, Arpana has trained over 2,500 marginalised rural women in Haryana to produce exquisite embroidery.Over 2,500 women have been trained to embroider linen, which is made into a wide variety of products such as bed covers, table linen, baby dresses, etc. which are marketed in Arpana shops & through home sales.

Arpana Trust                             Arpana Trust                             Arpana Trust
The women and girls trained in sewing and embroidery are all given work after training. They are from the poorer, backward sections of society, unemployed or seasonal agricultural labourers, who are usually paid only in kind. The income earned enables them to provide for their most basic needs such as food and clothing for their children, school fees, improving their housing etc. Applying the art of fine embroidery has provided much needed help and resources to improve the quality of life in hundreds of impoverished rural families. 

The long term aim is to promote self sufficiency and provide employment in rural areas by selling their production in urban areas, thus helping to reverse the drain of manpower and funds from villages to cities.Beneficiaries include women who are not permitted to work outside the home, yet who yearn for some income to ease the lack of financial resources in their families.

Buy With Love

Village women craft exquisitely embroidered baby dresses, nightgowns and household linen such as bedcovers, bed sheets, table cloths and towels. 

Every Rupee/ Money you spend, provides not only a top quality gift for friends and loved ones, but brings hope and succour to a needy woman, living a hopeless life in a village or urban slum.

Your purchase can help to bring a smile of gratitude and fulfilment
Over 2,500 underprivileged rural women have been trained to do embroidery on fine linen. They are able to work in their homes in whatever time they have free from their household chores and field work. This provides valuable earnings to supplement their family's meager income. Many of these needy women have never had money in their hands before; they have been dependent on their husbands for the entire needs of their family.

Start a new tradition of giving! Celebrate friends and family with Gifts of Service and bring healing and hope to deprived people in need. Choose a gift, and we'll send a personalized card to your loved ones.

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