Mission, Vision & History



To ensure overall wellbeing of the community by providing high quality medical, educational and livelihood services with emphasis on the underprivileged, through hospital, clinics and outreach programes, with commitment, compassion and selflessness.



 Arpana’s vision has its origin in the words of Arpana’s Founder, Param Pujya Ma (26.08.1924 – 16.04.2008), who was a Spiritual VisionaryParam Pujya Ma says, “The Lord comes to us in the form of the hungry, the sick, the poor and the downtrodden. To serve them, to share their burdens, and to relieve their pain is the practical shape of surrender to Him.”

Arpana envisages a society where humane values predominate, resulting in a society in which:

  •  All have the basic necessities of health, proper housing, water and sanitation, education, training and jobs;
  • The underprivileged have opportunities to develop their full potential, enabling them to emerge as prosperous, responsible and joyful citizens of the world.

 About Arpana

Arpana is a non political, secular, charitable organisation, guiding its dedicated workers to translate the ideal of the brotherhood of man into practical living. It is total identification with the disadvantaged and vulnerable that leads to selfless service to assist them.

Arpana is engaged in intensive health and rural development programs in over 200 villages of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, including, health care, maternity/ child welfare, women’s empowerment, livelihood and rights promotion, water and sanitation, farmers' welfare, computer training, and community development. Arpana is also working towards education, health and development of over 30,000 people in slum resettlement colonies of Molar Bund in New Delhi.