Slum Resettlement Colonies, New Delhi


Arpana 's  Education Centre – a Path to a Better Life


Arpana Trust, a charitable non-profit organisation, has been working for underprivileged children in the slum resettlement colonies of Gautampuri in Molarbund, New Delhi, since 2002. These children are first time learners – bursting with energy, charged with untapped potential and talents.

 Arpana Trust provides education support to children from underserved, poor families who have migrated from the darkest parts of India’s poorest states and families who live in the slum resettlement colonies of Gautampuri Phase I & II, in Molarbund.

 Arpana at Molarbund Provides:

  •  educational tuition support to students of Class I to Class XII
  •  education support to school dropouts through National Open School
  •   nursery classes for tiny tots
  •   vocational training in tailoring, beauty culture, nursery teaching
  •   computer certificate training to assist young people in the job market
  •   cultural activities for personal development


Tuition Support

From March 25, 2020, the Nation was under complete lockdown. At this crucial time, an alternative plan was developed to continue providing tuition support to our students.

We created ‘WhatsApp’ groups for each class wherein videos are made by the teachers (recording their live teaching) and worksheets prepared. Several students whose parents didn’t have a smart phone used the smart phone of their relatives as most of them live in a joint family set up.






All 24 students passed the 12th class in 2021Due to Covid pandemic the CBSE Board exam was not conducted. The results (depending on their scores in school exams and pre board marks) of class 12 was declared on 30th July 2021. A total of 24 students appeared for the 12th Board Examination and each one passed successfully. In Humanities, Shivani stood first with 93%. The second position has been grabbed by Tonika with 88.2% and third position has been bagged by Simran with 87.4%.


Shivani  stood  first with 93%

Offline Classes

From January to March 2021, class 9 to 12 students returned to Arpana Centre for classes. Students and teachers were back on track and the academic learning gained momentum.  

Career Counselling by the NGO, Joining Hands

Mrs. Malika Nanda, an experienced career counsellor, conducted online and offline sessions with class 12 students:

  • In the first session, 2nd March, students were shown videos to understand the concept of how to select a career.
  • In the next session, on 9th March, students shared their interests (career options) with the counsellor. The students streamlined their career choices and gathered information regarding their chosen field.

Senior classes return to school – with precautions!

Session on Menstrual Hygiene for all the Teachers: A session on menstrual hygiene was conducted by Ms. Suparnaa Chadha, a media personality. Ms. Suparnaa conducted the virtual session on Periods by covering facts, ancient wisdom, busting myths and sharing information on sustainable feminine hygiene solution.

Activity to Spread Awareness on Corona Pandemic:The children made posters on the various ways to prevent the spread of Corona virus. Special emphasis was given on wearing mask, proper hand sanitization and social distancing. 


Hand Printing Assignment

Arpana Balvatika (Nursery & Pre-School)

Due to the Pandemic, Balvatika was closed from March 2020. It took some time to plan and create a new action plan for this unprecedented event.


After looking through different options, the practical solution of creating ‘Whatsapp’ groups for each class was adopted. On this platform, teachers sent videos which they made recording their live teaching. They also sent worksheets through these groups, as had been done for the senior classes.





Free Distribution to Students:

  • Stationery to all students regularly                 
  • Hygiene kits to all Balvatika children.                 
  • Dry Rations to all Balvatika students
  • Blankets/warm clothes to the needy.

Online Celebrations included Independence Day, Janmashtmi, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Diwali, Christmas and Republic Day. Students were excited as they participated in activities like making posters, songs and dances.