Slum Resettlement Colonies, New Delhi


Steering Underprivileged Children towards a Path of Dignity and Self-Respect in Molarbund, New Delhi


Arpana Trust provides education support to children from poor, underserved families who have migrated from India’s poorest states and who live in the slum resettlement colonies of Gautampuri in Molarbund, New Delhi. These children are first time learners – bursting with energy, charged with untapped potential and talents.

However, without assistance, they usually drop out of school and only find menial jobs. Hence the crucial value of Arpana’s classes!


Tuitions Support Classes are given to about 1,000 students from Class 1 through Class 12. Now, instead of dropping out, most are going on to higher education!

Balvatika ( Nursery Classes) take care of and provide pre-school training to about 350 children from 3 to 5 years of age. This Nursery & Pre-School program held all classes online for the last 2 years. From 14 February 2022, as per the instructions of the Government of India, the Arpana Balvatika, sponsored by Aviva, has been open.


Education is crucial to a better life!


Online Classes: During the Covid-19 pandemic, the teachers provided online classes through Whatsapp and Zoom classes to all our students from Pre-school classes through Class 12. Teachers shared worksheets, live teaching videos and answered questions.

Smartphone Distribution: There were 26 students who could not attend these classes as they did not have access to a smartphone. They were lagging behind until they were gifted smartphones by Arpana Canada and Mr. Naman Dayal!

Opening the center for classes:

In line with Government directions, Arpana opened its Center in Molarbund for all classes from the 14th February 2022. The children came to the Center in good strength.

Result of Class 12th C.B.S.E Board Examinations 2021

Due to the Covid pandemic, the CBSE Board exam was not conducted in 2021. The results of class 12 were based on their scores in school exams and pre board marks. 24 students were eligible for the 12th Board Examination and each one passed successfully. Shivani stood first.

 Shivani stood first with 93%



   Career Counselling by the NGO, Joining Hands 

  Dr. Malika Nanda, an internationally qualified career counsellor, conducted an online and an offline session with senior class students.The students streamlined their career choices and collected information on their     chosen fields

 Workshop on Mental Health was conducted for senior students by Sukriti Sharma (Counselling Psychologist and Certified Art Therapist) and Srishti Bisht ( Child Development, B.Ed) to help students handle emotions.

Scholarships of 50-100% for tuition are provided to our students who go on to attend Universities, Technical Institutes or Technical Courses.

Bharat ki Sair is a Virtual Travel Program created Dr Mridula Seth, Professor and Consultant to the United Nations Population Fund, for students suffering from the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Weekly sessions cover one state a month enabling the children to enjoy and engage in understanding the diverse cultural heritage of India.

Adult Literacy Program was initiated by Dr. Mridula Seth, Professor and Consultant to the UN, for the mothers of the children who are enrolled in Arpana’s Education Centre. The program started with 13 mothers. These women came twice a week to the center and were taught by Arpana staff.

Celebrations included Independence Day, Janmashtmi, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Diwali, Christmas and Republic Day. Students were excited as they participated in activities like making posters, songs and dances.