Vocational Training


Vocational Training

Arpana invests skills in young people through vocational training classes in computers, tailoring, and arts and crafts to help them obtain employment after completing school. Workshops are also held in order to make the job applicants understand the importance of cleanliness, proper dress, attendance and communication with management and co-workers.

There are four streams of vocational skills for boys and girls from the slum relocation colony: tailoring and crafts, nursery teachers training, beauty culture and computer.


Vocational Skills on Offer

Several vocational skills streams have been added to existing ones, affording a greater opportunity for young girls for self employment and placement.


Tailoring & Craft Classes

The tailoring and craft classes are of one year duration and are also doing well. Ms. Mukesh is a highly committed instructor and is mentor and guide to the girls she trains. She expects that their levels of skills will enable them to gain employment with export houses.

This is a highly popular course and each year a batch of 40-50 students complete the 12 month tailoring and craft course. The  students were divided into the Senior batch and Junior batch with Maximum 25 students each.  Trainees, are able to earn upto Rs.6,000/- per month, many earn from home and others get jobs in garment factories, boutiques etc.


                              Handicrafts classes
The girls earn Rs. 3000 to 6000 at home, from taking orders for stitching and tailoring.



 Computer Training:


  NIIT- CCIB (Certificate course in IT for Beginners)


             A total of 32 students were doing CCIB Course program. The topics covered were: Concept of Computer, History of Computer, Difference between Hardware and Software, Internet and Email and Typing Practice, Notepad, MS Window, MS Paint, MS WordPad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint is going on. Certificates were distributed by Mrs. Sushma Seth, our distinguished guest, to the students who completed their CCIB course successfully.



Nursery Teachers Training (NTT)


The Nursery Teachers Training Course is of one year duration. During this past year, the trainees completed their basic course including practical teaching sessions with pre schools at Arpana’s preschool centre.

             Ms. Meena Sharma training a class                               Ms. Meena Sharma & trainees visit Bal Bhawan


Mrs. Meena Sharma, the instructor, is a highly experienced professional with 30 years experience as a trainer in a renowned national level NGO, ‘Mobile Crèches,’ specializing in preschool and non formal education for the less privileged.


15 trainees continued their NTT training with a focus on language, including the definition of language development, with different techniques to held children learn language, i.e. different ways to recite poems, emphasizing the important points of a poem, story narration and discussion.

 All trainees who were awarded their certificates are now earning through running their own preschool centers, and also work with NGO’s and nursery schools in the area.At work with NGO’s and nursery schools in the area


Beauty Culture


The beauty culture course is a six month course being conducted by Mrs. Asha Rani, who has had several years experience with an NGO. There were 25 students for this 6 month course, some of whom get jobs and some of whom set up their own beauty parlors upon completion of this course. Practical techniques they learned included manicure, pedicure, skin care, facials, hair styles, makeup, etc.


The trainees are highly optimistic about setting up their own business as providers of these services at weddings and at homes of clients. Most of these young women  do house calls and work from home, earning Rs. 1000 to 4000 a month. Personalized service is much in demand.


       Young girls learning about the preparation and implementation of beauty products during the training course.